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Call to the II Contest for the Prize

"Professor Néstor Acosta Tieles in memoriam"

The Sudden Death Research Group (GIMUS) of Cuba and the Organizing Committee of the First International Symposium of Sudden Cardiovascular Death - III National Symposium of Sudden Cardiovascular Death - II Ibero-American Convention of Sudden Cardiovascular Death call for the II Contest for the "Professor Néstor Award Acosta Tieles in Memoriam ", as a tribute to the distinguished professor, doctor, researcher and good man who, for many years, devoted himself to studying the aspects of sudden death in the sensitive field of pediatrics.



Bases for the contest:

Only unpublished works will be accepted.

  1.  It must be a scientific research work that comprehensively addresses the phenomenon of     Sudden Death.
  2. The papers will be presented following the Instructions for Authors in the Preparation of Articles     for the First International Symposium of Sudden Cardiovascular Death, which appear on the     web page of the event:
  3. The contestants will send the work in digital format, once the main author has registered in the     same as an author.
  4. The deadline for the receipt of candidate works will be July 31, 2018.
  5. Of the submitted works, 10 will be selected for oral presentation in the sessions authorized for     this purpose. The main author must guarantee his place in the contest.
  6. The works that are not accepted by the Jury may be presented in the form of electronic poster,     in which case the main author will be notified.
  7. Only one prize will be awarded and the determination of the Jury is final.

    The jury will be composed of 3 members:

  •     Prof. Dra, Msc. Daysi Ferrer Marrero
  •     Prof. Dra, MSc. Halina Pérez Álvarez
  •     Prof. Dra, MSc. Nidia Doris Tamayo Vicente

A unique prize will be awarded consisting of an Accreditation Diploma, a piece of allegorical     craftsmanship to the event and the publication of the work in the Cuban Journal of Cardiology     CorSalud.

Organizing Committee I International Symposium, III National Symposium and II Ibero-American Convention on Sudden Cardiovascular Death



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